Navy Government Credit Union Platinum Credit Overview. The Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum credit shines among various other stability transfer notes because insufficient a balance move cost, which can be unheard of among notes in this category.

The credit offers no yearly fee and a 0per cent advertising APR on transfers of balance for 12 months. And while the cards does not supply a promotional APR for shopping, the normal creating APR is actually means beneath the nationwide medium for bank cards that shoulder interest. But there’s a catch: You may not be eligible to try to get this credit because Navy Federal’s membership specifications.

Advantages of the Navy Government Platinum Credit

Here’s an even more in-depth look at the positive the Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum card features.

No Annual Charge

Yearly charges really can accumulate making you matter if having a specific credit card will probably be worth it. However, the Navy government credit score rating Union Platinum cards includes no annual fee, which saves you money time after time. Although all of the balance exchange notes in GOBankingRates’ ideal Balance move charge cards research don’t have actually a yearly fee, several do, ranging from $1 to $125 each year.

No Balance Move Fee

The card comes with the no balance move charge. Actually, the Navy government Credit Union Platinum cards is the sole card when you look at the learn that will not recharge this fee. Here’s a sense of simply how much you may choose to save yourself with this specific cards: Among the list of stability move notes that GOBankingRates within the study, stability move fees may include 3%-5per cent of each and every stability exchange. Just in case you had been to convert a balance of $2,000 to a card with a balance transfer cost of 5per cent, you would shell out $100 in fees.

0per cent Marketing APR for Balance Transfers

A 0percent advertising APR for balance transfers can be very helpful if you’re seeking to pay the debt within a short timeframe without interest. All of the balance exchange notes into the GOBankingRates learn offer a 0percent APR for transfers of balance, however all notes provide the exact same phrase.

The NFCU Platinum charge card supplies this advertising speed for a phrase of one year. Although a 12-month advertising APR cycle isn’t the longest granted among balance transfer cards, it is in line with the most charge cards in this class — and far better than the six-month marketing period that some cards provide. You could potentially choose a card with a 14-, 15- or 18-month promotional APR period, but you’d probably have to pay a balance exchange charge.

Minimal Typical APR

The card’s normal APR of 5.99%-18.00% try reasonable compared to some other cards when you look at the learn, and it’s alike for shopping and balance transfers. All other cards within the study have actually regular APRs which are greater, starting from 7.49%-25.49per cent.

Drawbacks of this Navy Government Platinum Cards

All bank cards has qualities which can be considerably desirable. Here are the disadvantages of this Navy government credit score rating Union Platinum credit.

No Advantages Offered

Unlike more balance move notes part of the GOBankingRates learn, the NFCU Platinum credit does not offering any advantages like cash back, miles, things or money incentives. But all stability move notes when you look at the learn that offer those advantages furthermore carry an equilibrium transfer cost.

No Promotional APR for Acquisitions

Unlike a good many different balance move notes during the GOBankingRates research, this card will not highlight a marketing APR for acquisitions. Remember that should you decide qualify for the greatest credit score rating conditions, the standard buy APR you will get maybe as low as 5.99per cent, which beats the rest of the cards into the learn. And also on the top end, at 18.00percent, this card’s APR is a lot less than many of the competition, which have prices which can be up to 25.49per cent.

Merely NFCU Members Meet The Criteria To Apply

Another disadvantage is you need to be a Navy government Credit Union representative to try to get their Platinum cards. And unlike some credit unions, Navy Federal possess quite tight specifications for joining. To apply, either you or an associate of one’s household or group need to have ties to the armed forces, state protect or Department of security.

Will be the Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum Cards Best For Your Needs?

The Navy Federal credit score rating Union Platinum card rated number 1 in GOBankingRates’ most useful balances exchange bank cards research as a result of functions like no balances transfer cost — that’s uncommon among stability transfer credit cards — plus a 0per cent introductory APR on transfers of balance for one year, no annual charge and a low normal APR for both shopping and transfers of balance.

The cards has its drawbacks, including no perks, like money back, kilometers, details or cash incentives. Additionally doesn’t supply a promotional APR for purchases. However, should your reason behind applying for the cards will be pay off high-interest bills without fees and a 0per cent APR for one year following a low typical APR after that, after that those advantages cannot matter the maximum amount of. If this credit seems ideal for your own budget, know that not simply any individual try eligible to apply. Your, a family member or some one living in your household should have ties to your armed forces, nationwide Guard or section of protection.

Methodology: GOBankingRates determined ideal stability transfer bank cards by examining all banking institutions with over $100 billion overall property, as well as the three prominent credit unions along side next aspects: (1) duration of 0percent introduction APR for transfers of balance; (2) amount of 0per cent APR for shopping; (3) stability move rates; (4) balances exchange charge; (5) yearly charge; (6) order APR; and (7) any perks associated with a card which may stretch the benefits through the advertising APR years. All costs and rate include susceptible to alter during the mastercard issuers’ discernment. Some features won’t be on the financing card providers’ internet sites, based how you access the webpage. Data is sourced from each economic institution’s website or marketing material between Aug. 4, 2021, and Sept. 28, 2021. Kindly verify conditions and terms before beginning a free account. To-be regarded, the introduction APR on transfers of balance must be 0percent.

Editorial notice: the information is not provided by Navy Federal credit score rating Union. Any opinions, analyses, recommendations or recommendations expressed here are those of author alone and get perhaps not started examined, accepted or else recommended by Navy government Credit Union.

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