Ita€™s a long fight, and a lot of everyone go through they, however it may take several years a€” and Rebeccaa€™s problems are particularly deep-seated.a€?

When Rebecca refuses to really confront the woman dilemmas we, as a viewers, have the frustrations of her counselor, who virtually breaks on into track whenever Rebecca at long last acknowledges to the lady regarding behaviours. Some individuals feel opposition when basic upcoming face-to-face employing dilemmas but, because they develop rely on making use of their psychological state pro, they might are more safe working with harder experiences and talks.

4. Suicide isn’t a sensationalised plotline

One require best turn to Netxlix show a€?13 explanations Whya€? observe how detrimental TV depictions of suicide could be. In CExG, while we manage discover Rebeccaa€™s committing suicide effort, which would end up being frustrated by news tips on portraying suicide, we also read exactly what led around it. We see the woman setting up concerns and more and more taking in mental health problem reach the fore. We see the woman instantaneously be sorry for her decision, an instant second of clarity which was determined by conversations the designers have with committing suicide survivors exactly who all mentioned they quickly regretted the decision to just take their everyday lives. We furthermore discover their guilt in aftermath and her asking for, and having, services a€“ all-in information. Thus once more, this really is a more practical depiction of the complexity of suicidal ideation and exactly how it could manifest in several approaches.

5. efficiency of an analysis

For many people exactly who feel mental illness receiving an analysis try, for a number of reasons, welcomed as opposed to dreaded. Receiving an analysis suggests you’ll be able to relate to people with the same experience as you acquire support and information out of your colleagues. In addition, it leaves lots of at ease that their diseases just isn’t thought.

Obtaining a diagnosis may also mean the start of a€?fixinga€™ yourself. This is made obvious for the upbeat song a€?Diagnosisa€™, where Rebecca giddily sings about receiving a prognosis after numerous years of mis-diagnosis along with her pleasure at at long last acquiring a label which fits (thereby which means shea€™s one of many, maybe not a€?brokena€™). This she believes will solve anything, if the the reality is different.

Doc, suggest myself my group, provide myself my throng. Let me know that this entire energy Ia€™ve belonged. With those others who promote my diagnosisa€™ a€“ words from a€?Diagnosisa€™

6. Making the experience of coping with a mental illness obvious

Within its dedication to truthfully portray life with a mental illness CExG doesna€™t let Rebeccaa€™s brand new diagnosis are the turn that fixes all the girl troubles. When someone get an analysis the sickness doesna€™t magically disappear, because theya€™ve found the proper tag for it. It is only the beginning of teaching themselves to in fact accept and handle the illness. Rebecca shows this journey in an almost painfully accurate method, once the very first thing she do after getting the lady new diagnosis, regardless of the pointers of her physician, is actually google they.

After getting told she has Borderline identity Disorder, which had been only expose in period 3, Rebecca dona€™t just like the stigma related to it and becomes in need of a brand new medical diagnosis. She really doesna€™t want be effective at handling they throughout their lifestyle, as it do actually require work. But this is the hard truth for most coping with mental illness or just about any other problems that influences your lifetime: your cana€™t select exactly how your thoughts and the body skills they and recovery takes time and effort.

7. Fighting Stigma

Stigma remains one of many issues internationally suppressing comprehension of mental disease. Not only may be the tv series relatable for those living with mental health dilemmas, additionally, it is assisting those who dona€™t understand what that enjoy is really fancy, anything many have-been calling for from tv for quite some time.

We had been familiar with and trying to be mindful about it and specific about it, and never end up being cavalier about it,a€? states co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna, a€?…we actually decided we owed the viewers a deeper knowledge of the lady mental health, and where she were, and where she is heading.a€?

And additionally becoming very entertaining, funny and uplifting, CExG really does an excellent tasks of truthfully portraying how profoundly signs and symptoms of mental disease may affect a persona€™s lives and what it is like to feel the quest to getting professional help, obtaining a diagnosis, and learning how to control onea€™s psychological state.a€?


Hopefully various other designers will need notice and study on insane Ex-Girlfrienda€™s example. The result of a tv show along these lines will hopefully feel more community understanding and decline in stigma towards mental illness and make certain that people who’re actually working with these ailments dona€™t feel a€?othereda€™ by mass media portrayals of them.

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